Welcome to Inclusion & Diversity at Record

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities for everyone at Record, and creating and maintaining a diverse workforce where every member feels included.

We believe that recognising what is unique about individuals and drawing on their different perspectives and experience will add value to the firm, our employees and our clients.

Promoting Equality

Record promotes equal opportunity through inclusive company policies and a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination. We believe everyone should have an equal chance to develop and succeed. We continue to demonstrate our support for underrepresented groups by educating ourselves and joining the conversations being had in the wider community. This year for International Women’s Day, Record colleagues got together to talk about the importance of having a gender balanced society and the need to tackle the biases which still impact women’s opportunities today.

Fostering Inclusion and Increasing Diversity

We understand the importance of accessing, recruiting and developing talent from a diverse pool of candidates, and we believe this will help us better understand and support our clients’ needs. Whilst it is important to create a workforce representative of different cultures and groups, it is just as important to ensure we have inclusive environment where everyone is comfortable being themselves and feels confident that they will be treated with respect and dignity.

Record has developed an Inclusion and Diversity Action Plan which sets out our commitments to creating and maintaining a diverse workforce where every member feels included. You can download a version of our action plan below.

Inclusion and Diversity Network

Record’s Inclusion and Diversity Network aims to promote inclusivity through our business practices and increase diversity at all levels of the organisation and.  The Inclusion and Diversity Officers form part of our Sustainability Committee and manage company progress towards our Inclusion and Diversity Action Plan.

01/10/2021 - Black History Month

The beginning of October marked the start of Black History Month. This year, the Diversity Network celebrated by ordering employees books that could help further educate everyone on black history whilst providing a great read. We purchased the books from https://afroribooks.co.uk/, a black-owned book store focused solely on providing titles from black authors.

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