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Sanctions and the US dollar

Date 28/03/2022 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

In a previous blog post, we argued that the invasion of Ukraine would be met with severe sanctions on Russia. Indeed,...

Any port in a storm - Part 2

Date 28/02/2022 | James Nisbet

Or does global inflation matter in Switzerland? Summary: The Swiss perspective on rising global inflation is very different to the...

What could the world look like in 12 months? - Part 1

Date 18/02/2022 | James Nisbet

  You can only predict things after they have happened – Eugene Ionescu Summary: The market predictions of rising interest...

Migraine in Ukraine

Date 07/01/2022 | Andrew Bloomfield, CFA

Just as investors begin to feel more optimistic on the epidemiological front, and as concerns around the severity of the...

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