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Laura Bushell
Associate Director - Client Services

I joined Record in 2014, having graduated from Imperial with a Masters in Physics in 2012. After university I spent two years working for an executive search firm and while I learned a lot in that role, it is nothing compared to my experience at Record! Having left my old job due to missing maths, I joined Reporting Services where I was exposed to as much maths as I could ask for. The constant innovation in the firm gave me many opportunities to design my own spreadsheets and really develop my excel skills.

In 2016 I was given the opportunity to rotate to the Client Services team. Our role is to support the sales efforts of the firm, as well as to support the client team directors who are all great sources of knowledge and very willing to share it. The great thing about my role is the diversity; I still get to design spreadsheets, but I also produce presentations and attend client meetings and conferences. Another thing I love is that I get to interact with everyone in the business when putting together client meetings. Record always gives you the chance to get involved with anything which is of interest to you. If there is a project which you think you could add value to, you usually only have to ask to get involved.

Sandeep Prashar
Director - Head of Front Office Risk Management

I started my career at Mercer Investment Consulting; during my seven years working there I spent time advising clients on investment matters and undertaking asset manager research. I joined Record in September 2007 where I have had the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills I learnt previously, as well as expand my skill set. I started in the Product Development team and moved in 2009 to Portfolio Management. In July 2010 Record gave me the opportunity to develop a new function, Front Office Risk Management.

The function has responsibility for monitoring and managing risk within the Portfolio Management, Counterparty and Trading areas of the firm. The function has significant interaction with these areas and other areas of the firm; including Systems, to build the relevant tools and reports required in developing the function; and Compliance, to ensure all is in line with regulatory requirements. As a member of the Risk Management Committee I am able to participate in discussion and management of a number of firm-wide risks. More recently, I have become a member of the Portfolio Management Group where we discuss in detail the implementation of operational processes.

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